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Rental Aircraft vs. Warren Flying Club Aircraft Cost Comparison PDF Print E-mail

Rental Aircraft vs. Warren Flying Club Aircraft
Cost Comparison


 FBO Rental 172  WFC 172
 50 hours @ $125/hr = $6,250.00  50 hours @ $89/hr = $4,450.00
 Possible fuel surcharges  No fuel surcharges
'Shabby' trainer airplanes

 Leather interiors, Garmin 430 GPS

 You can only rent when the FBO is open You have your own set of keys and 24-hour access 
 You are just another renter  You are a member and an owner
 You pay the full going rate!  * You save $1,800.00!


  • FBOs charge 'Hobbs Time', which starts when the key is turned on, and doesn't stop until the key is turned off.  It's 'clock time' and the meter is running at the same rate the whole time.
  • Warren Flying Club member rates are based on 'Tach Time'.  When using the aircraft for training flight, the engine RPM meter or tachometer runs slowly when the engine is at idle, such as during taxiing, while 'setting up' for take-off, and during approach and landing.  The difference can be as much as 10% to 20% less in recorded time when using the aircraft for typical 'pattern work' training flight.  This means that for the example above, your actual cost may be as much as 10% to 20% lower than the estimate shown!
  • In addition to the $1,700.00 cost savings in the example above, your actual costs could be even lower when using club aircraft for training flight 'pattern work'.


*Hobbs time and Tach Time will be approximately equal when using aircraft for typical cruise flight to destinations.   Estimates based on current available information, actual costs may vary.

*Remember that you do have a buy-in cost of membership to get these rates, but you also have that as an equity asset to sell whenever you decide to do so.  Over time our club assets have steadily appreciated.  As of Nov. 2006 the 'par value' of club memberships was $6,293.00